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L'ombra della luce - 6 channel video installation with sound in loop, variable sizes - 2015


The video shows extracted parts of the video installation.

The video installation shows musicians in the middle of the main hall of Villa Torlonia.

The musicians play from notes that are based on direct translations of Mussolini's most famous political speeches determined by computer software. 


Villa Torlonia is remembered primarily as the official private residence of the fascist Benito Mussolini and his family in the years 1925-1943. The work is an examination of Mussolini's external image or self-portrayal in contrast to his private retreat, Villa Torlonia. Mussolini is known today from history books and especially from films and sound recordings of his notorious speeches. He was a master of rhetoric and external representation that played a crucial role in gaining and maintaining his power in Italy. His political speeches contained an elaborate dramaturgy structure and developed a great appeal through targeted emphasis, pauses and rhythms. They were part of his strategy of collective manipulation and control of the population.

The installation shows reproductions of his speeches in pure musical tones. The actual content of the speeches no longer plays a role. It is reduced to dramaturgy and composition.


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