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Sea View - photo series - fine art print on Baryt paper, 150x380cm - 2016

»The images of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean desperately trying to reach Europe have been burned into my memory – and I’m not the only one.People in their thousands have lost their lives in these waves and continue to do so every day. ‘Sea View’ contains panoramic photos of seascapes. Yet these pictures are just snippets of a larger original revealing far more. ‘Sea Views’ omits the capsized boats, bodies floating in the water and people fighting for their lives. The ostensible beauty is only half the story. This view of the sea is also a mass graveyard, a frontier between rich and poor, between life and death. These are images which ought to make it impossible for us to ignore crises.« 


Installation view at Deweer Gallery Otegem, Belgium and Blain/Southern Gallery, Berlin, Germany


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