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Memory as Resistance - multichannel video installation - variable dimensions - since 2017

»Hardly a day goes by on which I don’t open the newspaper, read about the arrest and murder of journalists, and gaze at the portraits of these people who have often paid for their work with their lives. Their investigative role within the system repeatedly prompts public debate which can have a strong political impact. ‘Memory as Resistance’ is about remembering as a conscious act, about not forgetting as an act of resistance. It’s about remembering not just the people in the photographs, but above all what they represent and their role in society. The piece consists of portrait photos of murdered journalists known from the media. I crumpled up these photographs again and again with my hands before carefully smoothing them out again. This process is a back-and-forth between making something disappear and restoring it again, between forgetting and remembering. What is significant? What decisions do I take in my life – and who do I want

to be?« 

Installation view Pori Art Museum, 2017


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