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Das Kapital - triptych - handmade paper from the books of Karl Marx; Das Kapital I , II, III, each 162x121.5x4.7cm - 2011

»‘Das Kapital’ by Karl Marx is one of the most-quoted books ever. The analysis and critique of the capitalist system contained in Volumes I, II, and III are considered (with good reason) the

anti-capitalist bible. It’s fascinating to see how influential books rooted in critical thinking can be on the world.
Any book, any idea one wants to share starts with a blank sheet of paper. Using the three volumes as raw material and producing three sheets of hand-made paper out of them is something 

I regard as a symbolic transformation. It’s a triptych whose origin is the written word – and whose future has yet to be written.« 

Installation view at Galeri Manâ Istanbul and Oldenburger Kunstverein, Germany, 2011

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