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Chandaliers - crystal and brass, modified chandaliers, sculpture series, variable dimension - 2017

»I used chandeliers as the raw material for my work. Just as a traditional sculptor works with a block of stone, marble or wood, I worked with these objects. Chandeliers aren’t merely ordinary lights – they’re also symbols of wealth and power. They have a specific function. They represent a class in our society which has lulled itself into a sense of security and strength. I wanted to deform these symbols, to destroy them, to turn them into something else. I damaged them, broke them, smashed them until I felt the sculptures were finished. As a metaphor, the sculptures are like injured animals: unpredictable, dangerous, ready to defend themselves till the end. Although they are still lights lighting up the room, their appearance has changed. The closer you get, the clearer they become. The light is refracted differently through the sharp, broken edges of the crystals. They can hurt you, cut you, make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. Their character has changed.« 


Installation view at Dirimart Gallery Istanbul, Turkey, 2017    

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