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Schalung - wood, nails - permanent sculpture in public space, 200x200x470cm - 2017

»Instead of being created independently, ‘Schalung’ is a direct reaction to a very controversial, historically charged sculpture dating back to the aesthetic and ideological values of National Socialism. Commissioned by the Nazis in the 1940s as a heroic ‘warrior memorial’, as soon as it was completed it was encased in a wooden crate as it was only supposed to be unveiled once ‘total victory’ had been achieved. It was hence concealed inside wooden boarding for many years until politicians finally remembered it and erected it as a ‘warrior memorial’ in the town of Göppingen, where it can still be seen. I regard ‘Schalung’ as a kind of ‘anti-sculpture’. Given its appearance as planking or casing, it questions the possibility of neutralizing art from society. It also addresses the political and ideological functionalization of art and its associated misuse.« 

Art in public space at Oberhofenpark in Göppingen, Germany. 

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