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Places of resistance - photography series - crumbled fine-art print, 120x160cm - since 2017


Places of Resistance consists of crumpled photos of historically important locations, usually squares, where - often bloody - demonstrations and fights took place. Think of Tahrir Square in Cairo, Taksim Square in Istanbul or Tienanmen Square in Beijing. The locations are engraved in our collective memory. They have the potential to influence current and future structures. After a performance in which Nasan Tur repeatedly crumpled these photographs with his hands and then carefully flattened them (read: a process between making something disappear and restoring it again, between forgetting and remembering), what is left are smudged out clippings of the locations as a kind of violated memory. 

"Tahrir Square, Cairo"

"Taksim Square, Istanbul"

"Tiananmen Square, Beijing"

"Aside Square, Tehran"

"Alexanderplatz, Berlin"

"Place de la Bastille, Paris"

"Place de la Nation, Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso"

"Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kiev" 

Installation view at Deweer Gallery, Belgium. 

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