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Words - neon, transformers, electric cables, variable dimensions - 2017 


Basari – Adaalet – Cesareet – Hakikkat – Azzim – Sadakad – Dürüsdlük – Dosstluk – Özgürlüg

»This neon installation can be seen as a comment on the presence of populistic language in everyday life. I used the Turkish form of words such as liberty, honesty, truth, loyalty, prosperity, fearlessness and so on which are frequently used in political speeches. I wrote them by hand on a sheet of paper and then transformed them into bright neon signs. What strikes the eye is that they are all spelled incorrectly with, say, two As instead of one or a D instead of a T. This simple alteration changes the words pronunciation, reminding us of how politicians emphasize certain words and use their rhetorical skills to influence the masses. This installation subtly addresses the power of language and its influence within society. My intention was to create a very playful work about this very serious way of using words as weapons.« 

Installation view at Dirimart Gallery Istanbul, Turkey. 

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