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Collective Notice - 10 videos - each circa 50 min. loop, 10 drawings, each 30x42cm - 2009

The video installation "Collective Notice" contains portraits of 10 people who disappeared in their homelands because of their political activities. Nasan Tur commissioned street artists to draw portraits of these people who are still missing. In the installation visitors see the materialization of these portraits in a period of 9 hours.

On 7 July 2000 Dmitry Zavadsky, cameraman for the Russian television channel, ORT, disappeared without a trace on the way to the Minsk International Airport. He had been critically investigating and reporting on the vulnerability of security along the Whiterussian (Byelorussian) Lithuanian Border. 

There is still no trace of him.


Alfredo Jiménez Mota disappeared on 2 April 2005  after his newspaper El Imparcial published a series of his articles that linked police in the northern city of Hermosillo Mexico to drug traffickers.

He has not been seen since.


Ebubekir Deniz an official of the pro-Kurdish People's Democracy Party disappeared along with his colleague the day after six police officers were shot dead in a city nearby Diyarbakir.He was last seen when they were summoned to a camp run by the security forces in the southeastern town of Silopi.

He is still missing.


Somchai Neelaphaijit a solicitor from Thailand disappeared on March 12 2004 after publicly accusing the police of torture. 

He has never been seen since that day.


Colombian trade unionist Guillermo Rivera disappeared on 22 April 2008 in Bogotá.Witnesses reported seeing him being dragged into a police car.

He has not been seen since.


Nora Marx was member of the group "Justicia Social" which was involved and socially active in the slums of Buenos Aires. Young people like her were an extreme danger for the Argentinean military junta. She disappeared shortly after the Military seizure of power in August 1976. A witness reported in 1983 that he saw her at a police station. They were tortured he said. He survived. 

To this day she is missing.


Ngarlejy Yorongar a prominent opposition Member of Parliament in Chad is missing since February 3 2008. Eyewitnesses told Human Rights Watch researchers in N'Djamena that Chadian government soldiers took him into custody. 

He was never seen since.


Esteban A. Reimer, a union leader and worker at the Daimler (Mercedes) -Benz plant in Argentina. An active leader of the Internal Commission and one of the chief spokesmen for the workers at the MBA plant in Gonzalez-Caton. He was the first comrade to disappear at Daimler Benz followed by many others between 1976-1977.

He's been missing ever since.


On 17 May 1995, the Chinese authorities kidnapped Gedhun Choekyi Nyima and his whole family. Just three days earlier the six-year-old boy had been recognised by the Dalai Lama as the true reincarnation of Panchen Rinpoche.

They have not been seen since.


André Kieffer independent journalist disappeared on 16 April 2004 in Abidjan Ivory Coast while looking into allegations of corruption in 

the lucrative Ivorian coffe cocoa sector. Investigators say the government is responsible for his disappearance. 

He's been missing ever since.



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