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BAR - 2 identical bar installations, 2 twin bartenders, 2 live camera projections, variable dimensions - 2003

Across a symmetrical room, a partition wall is installed. This wall seperates the room into two equally sized rooms. The entrance to those two identical (convex) rooms has to be set up in a way that doesn't allow any insight into either of the rooms, every visitor has to decide which room to enter without knowing what they look like in advance. In each room a bar is installed, that is totally identical to the bar in the respective other room. On the Bar-nights, a pair of twin brothers and a pair of twin sisters will serve as bartenders: in each room one male twin and one female twin, whose respective brother/sister will serve the bar in the other, seperate room. As a result, there will be two Bar-rooms that not only look totally identical, but seemingly feature the "same" bartenders and play the same music as well. Each bar is monitored by a video camera and the goings on in each room are projected onto the wall behind the respective other bar via video-beam. The visitors will see a room and a situation on the wall above their respective bar that is absolutely similar to their own, but with different people and different occurrences. At all times, every visitor has the possibility to walk from one room into the other and visit the other bar.

Kunsthalle altes Hauptzollamt, raumpool e.V., 2003

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