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Invisible - installation - 10 dvds, 10 monitores, 10 dvd-player, 1 metalshelves - 2004

The videoinstallation shows secretly shot films of Islamic institutions in cities of germany. The entrances of these Institutions do not look any different from other ordinary places in the city. Not only that: The mosques are virtually -invisible-, since they are integrated into common backyards and ordinary houses of the city. From the outside, the mosques are practically impossible to identify. 

Albanischer Islamischer Kulturverein e.V. Sunna Moschee Deutschsprachiger Muslimkreis e.V. Islamische Gemeinschaft e.V. Durlach Fatih Camii e.V. Verband Islamischer Kulturzentren e.V. Gemeinde TŸrkisch-Islamischer Kulturverein e.V. DITIB, Zentralmoschee An-Nur Moschee TŸrkisches Kulturzentrum Islamische Union e.V., Ayasofya Moschee.

Installation view Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, 2004



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