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Time for Revollusion - fine-art print, woodframe, plexiglas, 150x200cm - 2008

The statement -Time for Revolution- is used in various contexts. You can see it in book titles, song names, symposium topics, degree dissertations, titles of artworks and it is written on millions of facades in cities all over the world. -Time for Revolution- became a brand of the quest for change. Change to a different social or political state or just change into humble alteration of our everyday life. It challenges the authorities and seeks for the better, the new alternative. The neon writing -Time for Revollusion- is a minimal modification of this strong statement. The typography of the installation reminds of simple illegal graffiti that are usually encountered on facades. In this case the word -Revollusion- has a spelling mistake: it is written with double -l- and instead an -s- in place of a -t-. It still keeps its basic content but the wrong spelling opens up a space for a new way of reading this statement. It emphasizes a critical self-reflection of the very message it propagates. The failure contained in the word -Revollusion- shifts the whole message of this strong request to a new level: the original demand shifts into the background, while the statement gains a naive and innocent note. The fact that many people will not even recognize the failure is also part of the play with effects of a simple spelling modification.




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